The sleek and sophisticated game of blackjack (21) is played by many people worldwide. The game has changed and adapted since the 16th century. This Online Casino Malaysia game is now known as one of the most played casino card games worldwide, being offered in every casino. One game that won’t likely go out of style anytime soon is this one!

Its Origin

Due to its reference in Cervantes’ early 17th-century, which is believed to have been written in the late 16th or early 17th century, the most widely held theory on the game’s genesis is that it began in French casinos around 1700. The game was called “Vingt-et-un,” French for “21.” Another theory holds that the Romans utilized wooden blocks to play this game or a comparable one.

Expansion Of Blackjack Popularity

The elites of France’s royal courts and society liked Vingt-et-Un (21), including Napoleon Bonaparte, the renowned general and emperor of France and the mistress of King Louis XV. Although it is rumored that he forbade card games among his men because he thought they would distract them, Napoleon Bonaparte was a major fan of Vingt-et-Un (21) and would frequently play the game as a way of unwinding and celebrating after a war.

Blackjack in North America

The French colonists brought the game to North America in the late 17th and early 18th centuries, and the first legally sanctioned banked game was played in New Orleans. When gambling became legal in Nevada in 1931, the game developed into what is now a standard in casinos.

Blackjack During European colonization

Due to the period of European colonization, the game was popularized and is now played in more than 140 countries, making it one of the most well-known casino games.

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